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Notable Boys’ Volleyball Program Begins Spring Season at CHS

Not many high schools in Ohio offer boys’ volleyball – especially as a varsity sport. After interest across high school students at Chillicothe High School surfaced, the school began offering a boys’ volleyball program with a consistently high number of players. This winter, the club team was voted to become an official varsity sport at a board meeting as OHSAA listed boys’ volleyball as an emerging sport for the first time.  

This season, the team has 24 players – a mix of students who play multiple other sports and students who focus on volleyball. As of late March, the team has a 4-1 record for their spring season made up of 22 games. Head coach Andrew Vitatoe, who also coaches girls’ volleyball in the fall, founded the program.  

Since no other teams in CHS’s league offer boys’ volleyball, the team’s schedule is sporadic whenever they can host or travel to local teams at Ross County Christian Academy, Unioto High School and Westfall High School.  

“Our boys’ volleyball program is a great addition for kids to have a unique organized outlet to compete,” said Knute Bonner, athletic director for the Chillicothe City School District. “The students play when they can and are passionate to keep growing the program.” 

Their regular season schedule runs through the spring until the OHSAA Spring Sports Championship Tournament. The regional games begin on May 6, and the state tournament will be held on May 27 and 28. Check out their schedule on the CHS Athletic site to cheer on our historic team to the tournament!