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Meet Scott Bartholomew, Chillicothe High School Head Football Coach

Coach Scott Bartholomew is not new to the game of football – he’s coached high school football in some capacity for 25 years. After some time away, he’s back in the game to lead the Cavalier football team in 2022.  

Bartholomew has acted as head coach for other local districts, including Logan Elm, Westfall and Oak Hill, in his tenured career. He stepped down from serving as head coach seven years ago to take an assistant coaching role working under his son at Bloom-Carroll. He says this step back helped him to take a much-needed break and watch his son in action, which was extremely rewarding and valuable to him as a self-described family man. Gaining momentum as an assistant coach sparked his motivation to get back to being a head coach, and Chillicothe was the perfect place to dive back in.  

Bartholomew is most excited to connect with CCSD students and football players in his new role. He has been able to meet some students already through weightlifting and conditioning sessions, and he plans to make more connections during upcoming school visits.  

“I’m most excited to work with these kids on a personal level and really get everyone on the same page,” said Bartholomew. “When everyone is connected and working well together, that’s when winning happens.”  

Outside of football, Bartholomew values time with his wife, children and grandchildren. He’s an outdoorsman and loves hunting and fishing.