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Meet our Superintendent - Debbie Swinehart

Welcome to Chillicothe City School!  We are the district of choice for nearly 3000 students participating in a rigorous PK-12 curriculum that includes core academics, foreign languages, a diverse arts and music program, a large variety of electives including STEM classes and an athletic department that meets the needs of our multi-sport athletes.  We are especially proud of our STEM Designated Chillicothe Primary School and invite you to visit and experience first-hand how much fun learning can be for our students.   

We take a great deal of pride in serving our students and place a high priority on meeting their needs as a whole child.  We offer a wide range of social emotional supports and services, guidance counseling support across the district and we are the first Leader In Me school district in Ohio.  Chillicothe City Schools is focused on providing extraordinary opportunities, a caring staff and a safe learning environment for all our students.  Thank you to our Chillicothe Board of Education, faculty, families, students and community partners for making Chillicothe City Schools the district of choice in Ross County. 



Deborah M. Swinehart


Chillicothe City Schools