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Extracurricular Profile: CIS Art Club

One of the many extracurricular activities available throughout the Chillicothe City School District is the Chillicothe Intermediate School Art Club. The group, made up of 25 sixth graders, meets after school once a month to participate in engaging creative projects and activities, furthering their education and contributing to the community.

The CIS Art Club was founded in the 2021-2022 school year by advisor and teacher Taylor Bonner to give students with artistic interest the opportunity to produce additional artwork and receive extra experience outside of their weekly art class. Each month, the club uses a different medium, allowing students to gain experience in a variety of artmaking styles and techniques.

Recently, the CIS Art Club has been invited to be involved with the community on a deeper level. The club came together in November to paint a snowplow for the City of Chillicothe after they reached out to the school. Bonner said the kids had so much fun both painting the plow and getting to wear trash bags as DIY smocks. She shared that the kids were so proud to make the snow plow their own piece of artwork.

Bonner is excited to spend the rest of the school year mentoring these students. “I am very proud of this group and the art they have created so far this year,” she said. “I look forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings.”