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English Language Learners Program Helps CCSD Students Adjust to New Language

Throughout the Chillicothe City School District, there are 26 students who are part of the English Language Learners (ELL) program. This program works with students whose native language is not English to help them further develop their skills in the language. These students are from a variety of language backgrounds, including Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin, and the ELL program is set in place to help these students develop the academic and social English skills that will set the foundation for them to excel in the classroom and beyond.  

Justin Myers, CCSD’s ELL program facilitator, utilizes curriculum with a wide range of instructional strategies to help students in the program grasp new language concepts. Strategies include phonics instruction, reading/speaking practice, academic vocabulary development and much more. The program also serves as a resource for ELL students in their content-area classrooms, working with both the classroom teachers and students to help overcome any language barriers students face while completing their coursework.  

CCSD is proud to offer programs like ELL, which help to diversify the district while working to ensure all students succeed throughout their education. “I believe this program brings tremendous value to CCSD because it helps establish the district as a leader in valuing diversity and creating an academic environment where every student can succeed,” said Myers. “As our communities become more and more linguistically diverse, it is imperative that schools are equipped to best serve this diversity, and I believe that our program is helping to make CCSD a tremendous asset to the community in that regard.” 

For more information about the ELL program, reach out to Justin Myers at