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Day in the Life of a CPS Kindergartener

As enrollment kicks off for the 2022-2023 school year, we’re looking forward to welcoming new Cavalier kindergarteners. Parents of young learners are curious about what their children will discover and experience in their first year of school. At CCSD, we set our students up for success with an integrated academic plan and consistent routines – our goal is for our students to love learning every day as they work toward their goals. 

Every morning, our kindergartners are greeted with music and welcomed by our staff members. Whether at home or at school, we encourage and provide students with a nutritious breakfast so they are ready to learn for the day. We also start each day with a literacy activity to get our little Cavaliers’ brains moving.  

The largest lessons we focus on in our kindergarten classes are reading, collaboration, communication with peers, critical thinking and working in a classroom community. We encourage students to practice their reading, writing, listening, discussion, math and collaboration skills through our daily activities:  

  • Weekly music, art, technology and physical education classes 

  • Lunch, recess and snack time 

  • Small group and whole group instruction 

  • Partner work 

  • Writing workshops 

  • Math practices 

One of our biggest kindergarten lessons is STEM investigation, where students can ask questions about the world around them and find the answers. How do animals communicate? Are plants the same everywhere? How can plants better our community? After posing these questions, our kindergarteners go on expeditions where they use amplifiers to listen to birds, grow plants in the building tower garden, observe plants in the outdoor garden and classify dolphin sounds, which answers their questions with a hands-on approach. In addition, all students participate in a group research project where they learn to fill specific team roles, collaborate with a group and present a final project about their learnings.  

Students also have their own daily individual choice time, which varies from week to week. This gives them the autonomy and option to explore books on their favorite topics, build a creative structure with materials, play cooperative board games, create their own books and much more. They have access to a wide variety of computer-based activities such as coding, online stories and books, phonics practice and math games. Art supplies are available for students to create their own cards and designs. This free time gives students the opportunity to explore STEM topics more in-depth, revisit a favorite book or take a deeper dive into their interests. 

Our students can choose to bring their own packed lunch or have a school lunch. Lunch time is spent eating in the classroom, where students are given the opportunity to socialize with their peers.  

Our kindergartners can also get involved in various activities outside of the classroom, including sports and VOICES groups. VOICES is an international group of STEM and arts teachers, professors, administrators, musicians and experts in technology and science communication who work to promote the use of song in STEM. Our VOICES teachers hold group activities focused on specific STEM interests for our kindergarteners to combine their musical and science education skills.  

If you have any questions about our kindergarten curriculum or 2022-2023 enrollment, please contact CCSD Curriculum Director Dana Letts at