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CHS Students Prepare for Healthcare Careers with AIM Program

Six young women from Chillicothe High School participated in the seventh cohort of the Adena Health AIM Program this school year, the second all-female group since its beginning in 2016. Throughout the program, students engaged in medical rotations and simulation experiences once a month to expand their medical knowledge and prepare them for a future as healthcare professionals. Students were able to learn medical procedures from simulation experiences with robotic models, including delivery, intubation and circumcision. Morning rotations allowed students to observe and learn from various medical departments, including internal medicine, pediatrics, family practice, dermatology, radiation oncology and infectious disease.

“I’m really thankful for AIM and all the opportunities that have been given to me because of it,” said Avery Erslan, one of this year’s AIM participants. “I’ve learned so much this year!”

Adena partners with CCSD to provide this program to our students who are interested in a healthcare profession. Throughout the year, students are exposed to a variety of clinical settings with the hope of awakening a passion for healthcare and helping them determine the path they would like to take after graduation. The program also encourages our next generation of potential healthcare providers to return to Ross County to provide needed care to the people of our community while providing them with the opportunity to make important connections within Adena.  

“This year, AIM has meant so much to me as it has taught me many new things, including lots about what I want in life,” explained Alexandra Alderman. “This program showed me that the path I want to follow is not going to be an easy one, but an extremely hard and rewarding one. Though I want to help animals and not people directly, I want to thank Adena for giving me the opportunity to confirm my love for medicine. “

During the program, students conducted research projects based on the Ross County health needs assessment. On May 10, students graduated from the program with a celebratory dinner at the PACCAR Center at Adena and presented their final projects, answering any questions.

Each year, six students from CHS are chosen to participate in this program. Selection for the 2023-24 school is currently being finalized. To be eligible, students must be National Honor Society members and submit an application that is reviewed by a selection committee. Joei Gill at Adena manages the medical resident program and oversees AIM at Adena along with David Smith, who runs the SIM lab at PACCAR. Dawn Wilson helps to coordinate the program at CCSD. For more information about AIM, email