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Chillicothe Quiz Bowl Team Allows Students to Compete Non-Traditionally

This year’s Quiz Bowl team at Chillicothe High School recently finished a fun season with amazing players. The five players involved in the extracurricular, which involves answering trivia questions and competing against other schools, were extremely committed during the season that lasts from January to February. During the season, the students have weekly matches leading up to the league tournament.  

According to advisor Joshua Queen, Quiz Bowl is unique because it’s something everyone can be good at. Each category of questions focuses on a different topic, so everyone is knowledgeable about one category. He also said a lot of students come in their freshman year getting no answers correct but become the best player by their senior year – the growth is really what makes a difference for students.  

While this season didn’t have the strongest record, Queen said the team had a lot of fun bonding and learning together. All students love the “trash” questions, which deal with pop culture – these questions are always fun and silly for students to answer.  

Queen has been the Quiz Bowl advisor for 12 years, after playing Quiz Bowl at Southeastern High School and bonding with his dad over the tournaments. He became Chillicothe’s advisor when his father died as a way of honoring their bond. Queen will be stepping down as advisor this year as he moves to another school district.  

“Quiz Bowl is a great extracurricular activity because it allows students to be competitive outside of the traditional ways,” said Queen. “We have worked really hard to create an environment that is accepting and encouraging to all our players.”