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Chillicothe City School District Welcomes New Hires for 2021-2022 School Year

This summer, CCSD has made 37 new hires and promoted several employees across all schools and disciplines. We’re excited to welcome these new staff members, and they are eager to work with our students to make this the best school year yet.

Chillicothe Primary School

  • Kim Hurst, principal
  • Mary Dalton, part-time aide
  • Sarah Murray, full-time aide
  • Melanie Kendrew, full-time aide
  • Dawn Schneider, full-time aide
  • Joy Barnes, second shift custodian
  • Andrea Maier, 2nd grade teacher
  • Chelsea Irvin, 2nd grade teacher
  • Larissa Mowry, 2nd grade teacher
  • Corey Scaggs, 1st grade teacher
  • Amanda Crabtree, CPS permanent substitute

Chillicothe Intermediate School

  • Michael McCorkle, dean of students
  • Hannah Mosley, full-time aide
  • McKayla Patrick, 3rd grade teacher
  • Hannah Cryder, 4th grade teacher
  • Chloe Cooper, 4th grade teacher
  • Kim Fout, 4th grade teacher
  • Jeremy Iman, 4th grade teacher
  • Julie Beatty, 6th grade teacher
  • David Bakenhaster, PE teacher
  • Donna Caudill, 3-6 intervention specialist
  • Venessa Atwood, 3-6 intervention specialist
  • Drew Musser, permanent substitute teacher
  • Sarah Willmann-Ward, 5th grade teacher
  • Taylor Bonner, art teacher

Chillicothe Middle School

  • Kristry Sheffield, PE teacher
  • Steven Grieser, second shift custodian
  • Andrea Morgan, permanent substitute teacher
  • Alex Grow, 7/8 science teacher
  • Leigh Davis, 7/8 choir teacher
  • Madelyn Ayers, 7/8 ELA teacher
  • Leyna Bsat, 7/8 ELA teacher

Chillicothe High School

  • Courtney Hazeslip, integrated science teacher
  • Matthew Crawford, 9-12 career exploration teacher
  • Seth Martin, 7-12 intervention specialist
  • Catherine Thornburg, 7-12 full-time aide
  • Ally Loel, 7-12 full-time aide


  • Marissa Harris, preschool teacher
  • Breanna Wachovec, preschool teacher

District Positions

  • Melissa Gallagher, transportation supervisor
  • Knute Bonner, athletic director
  • Sarah Hawthorne, K-12 Digital Academy principal
  • Dana Letts, curriculum director
  • Tabitha Muse, homeless coordinator
  • Bethany Estep, parent mentor
  • Brandon Shope, Digital Academy 7-12 teacher