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CCSD Partnership with Adena Health System Supports Student Health and Well-Being


The Chillicothe City School District has partnered with Adena Health System’s School-Based Wellness Program to help support the health and well-being of our students and staff. At CCSD, we understand that a student’s education is impacted by their overall well-being. To assist our students and ensure they are able to come to school ready to learn, a collaborative team of school administration, school nurses, mental health partners, counselors and more are working together to conduct research and implement resources throughout the district.  

The partnership kicked off in May 2022 with a focus on the whole child: looking at each student’s health, safety, support systems, engagement and challenges. Student wellness also impacts the well-being and health of staff who work with them each day. The Adena Wellness Team is currently in the data collection period, pulling aggregate data from CCSD and Ross County, as well as surveying staff, families and students in third grade and above. The team’s current goal is to gather information about what is working well in the district, what opportunities are available for improvement and what barriers could get in the way.  

Once surveying is complete, the team will create an action plan based on the community results. With approval from the Board of Education, the program will kick off by bringing community partners and other resources together to implement changes that will improve the lives of our students and staff. Throughout the program, the wellness team will be tracking the ongoing impact of these changes, both qualitatively and quantitatively.  

Adena’s School-Based Wellness Program Manager, Audrey Barker, hopes that by narrowing in on the needs and wants of students, staff and families throughout the district this school year, her team will see an overall impact on the health and well-being of students in Chillicothe.  

“Getting students healthy and well means providing access to resources, giving appropriate support where needed and engaging them in their own health and well-being choices,” said Barker. “By doing all of this, the impact is that they come to school ready to learn and have a greater chance of achieving their dreams.” 

While specific focus areas for the partnership are currently being decided, Adena is also working to provide a mobile health unit which will offer primary care to schools in the region. The partnership between CCSD and Adena is part of a 10-year commitment, creating a full rounded relationship to help each other promote the health of students in southern Ohio.  

We are looking forward to furthering this partnership, which will help provide our students with exceptional overall care and set them up for educational success. 

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