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Enroll - Enrollment Procedures

All new students must be registered by a parent or legal guardian unless the student is deemed an independent student by Chillicothe standards. The registration process includes the completion of enrollment forms as well as providing required documents. Registrations will be considered incomplete until we have received all forms and documents. 

In compliance with the requirements established by Ohio law, the Ohio Revised Code, the Missing Child Act, and Chillicothe City School Board of Education, please bring the following information and documentation when you enroll your child(ren). 

  • Child’s Birth Certificate from state bureau of vital statistics 
  • Social Security Card (may be a copy) 
  • Photo identification (parents’ or guardian’s drivers license or state ID) 
  • Proof of Residency 
    • Two current items that show proof of residency such as: 
      • Purchase agreement and current utility bill (gas, electric, water, cable TV)
      • Lease/rental agreement and current utility bill 
      • If you are building a house in the district, a copy of the Builder’s agreement and a letter from Builders stating that occupancy will take place within 90 days from admission date: parent must agree to transport child to and from school until they occupy the new house. 
  • Chillicothe City Schools does have an Open Enrollment Policy. If you live outside the school district an open enrollment form must be filled out. 
  • Immunization records 
  • Current transcript, report card, and/or most recent class schedule 
  • The name, address, and telephone number of your child’s previous school 
  • Special Education records (IEP or 504 Plan and MFE)


Custody document-If child is NOT living with BOTH biological parents listed on the official birth certificate, you must provide one of the following: 

  • A copy of the complete court document (divorce decree, shared parenting agreement, etc.) including the cover page with filed/date stamp, page stating legal custody/residential parent, and judge/magistrate’s signature page. 
  • If legal custody has not been established, the petitioner has sixty (60) days from the time of enrollment to produce a signed Journal Entry of Judgment establishing a change in custody. In order for your child to be enrolled in Chillicothe City School District during this waiting period, you must provide a copy of the filed/dated stamped motion petitioning the court for a change in custody.


We are thrilled you have chosen to enroll your child(ren) in Chillicothe City Schools. We believe in the motto “Once a Cavalier, Always a Cavalier!” We welcome you into our community: we want you to be part of the Cavalier tradition and promise you will be pleased with the quality and diverse education Chillicothe City Schools offer its students and the community. You will not find a more rigorous, demanding, diverse, well organized curriculum in all of Southern Ohio. We can make that statement without reservation because we believe it to be true and expect nothing less. Chillicothe City Schools is an outstanding academic institution. Our success comes from a combination of a caring staff and student body, as well as parental support from the community. Welcome and congratulations on becoming a Cavalier!