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North Central Accreditation

Building and district teams revised their Continuous Improvement Plans and made revisions for the 2004-07 school years. All buildings are accredited by the North Central Association. The North Central Association Commission on Schools challenges schools to be ready for all learners and to press them to excellence. The North Central Commission on Schools is a dynamic school accreditation and evaluation organization that protects the public trust and is proactive in promoting a system of education that:

  • Enhances student learning and the love of learning.
  • Fosters healthy, creative, and innovative human beings.
  • Prepares students to live and learn in an ever-changing and diverse world.
  • Ensures successful school transitions for its learners through the provision of standards and evaluation services for schools.

The evaluation/improvement process that is required and nurtured by NCA brings teachers, administrators, staff, students and parents together in the pursuit of the common purpose of a quality educational program. The process is effective in preparing and implementing the required Continuous Improvement Plan.