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Welcome to the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


Our office is responsible for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment within the Chillicothe City School District. It is our goal to develop and maintain a rigorous and relevant program of studies for students in grades preK-12 in the Chillicothe school system.


Our curriculum is based on Ohio's New Learning Standards. For the past several years, our department and staff have been preparing for the transition to Ohio's New Learning Standards and Assessment system. Each grade level and core subject has developed units for instruction that are centered around what students need to know and be able to demonstrate for mastery of the new standards. The approach has been to create units of instruction that provide students with the skills they need as well as apply their learning in real-life learning activities. Critical and creative thinking strategies have been embedded into each unit of instruction.


The Curriculum and Instruction Office is also responsible for monitoring the progress of our students, buildings and district through a comprehensive improvement process. To monitor progress we utilize diagnostic, unit, and state assessments. The office also monitors attendance, discipline data, student grades, and adult implementation of high quality instructional strategies and board adopted research based instructional programs. Our office is committed to student achievement and creating a positive, enriched learning environment that stretches each child's learning to the highest standards possible.



Alissa Putnam                                                      
Director of Curriculum and