Staff and Volunteers Ensure Students Have Food

There’s no way around it, life is difficult right now. For those in our community directly impacted by food scarcity, it is even harder. Our food services staff, along with volunteers, have been working diligently to provide students with daily meals over the last several weeks. Currently, they’re serving breakfast and lunch five days a week to 1,420 students.

Since we’ve pivoted to distance learning, the district has been providing free breakfast and lunch delivery for students in need, with ready-to-eat and non-perishable items. To maintain social distancing, meals are dropped at students’ front doors. This process differs from the normal process for providing meals during school breaks or closures.

“Normally during summer break, we take Babe the Blue Bus to designated sites and have students eat their lunch at that location together,” said Mary Montgomery, director of food services. “Now, we’re dropping off food to each individual resident’s doorstep.”

The way food services are being handled has evolved over the course of the pandemic. At first, staff and volunteers were doing meal delivery every day. Although Montgomery says she would still prefer to do that, it’s safer for students, family and staff to reduce the number of drop offs.

For parents and community members who want to help, there are opportunities to do so. You can visit to sign up to volunteer for most programs the district is offering to those in need in our community.

Montgomery strongly urges community members to follow the guidelines from state leaders – wear masks when you go out, check in on those living alone or in isolation, and keep in contact with teachers and building leaders. These are the most basic, yet impactful, things people we can do to help others at this time.

The district is continuing to accept sign-ups weekly, as more families are hit with the effects of the coronavirus. For those who need food assistance, email Mary Montgomery at and follow the automated responses to sign up.


CCSD Staff Have Been Busy with More Than Teaching

Our staff have been working hard to adapt to new teaching formats and digital learning opportunities. On top of that, they’ve also been using this time at home to participate in a wide array of professional development opportunities that will benefit our students. Teaching staff, for example, are focusing on furthering their knowledge in literacy, STEM and blended learning.

“The district has had numerous learning sessions planned for teaching staff throughout April,” said Alissa Putnam, CCSD director of curriculum. “The sessions have been well-received by staff. They’re thrilled for the time to learn, play and improve their own practice.”

Our support staff have been busy prepping meals for student breakfast and lunch deliveries, cleaning and sanitizing district facilities or completing their own professional development online. Others are taking this time to learn about important strategies and techniques for working with students that have specific needs beyond academics. For example, behavioral staff and school counselors are learning about students on the autism spectrum, students with sensory needs, students that have trauma-related needs and more.

“All staff continue to work hard to better understand student needs and how we as a district best meet them,” said Putnam. “The well-being of our students, not solely their education, is very much a focus of the whole district right now.”