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Tips for Returning to In-Person Learning

CCSD Staff 2 - 1/28/2021 10:13:00 AM

Our teachers and administrators have loved welcoming our students back to in-person learning this week! We know the transition from virtual to in-person learning can be challenging for students, so our coordinator of student wellness and online learning, Sarah Hawthorne, has put together some tips for parents/guardians to help ease the transition.

1. Welcome back

Being back in person with teachers, school staff and your friends is exciting, but requires some changes. Allow students time to reacclimate to what it means to be in-person for school. Establish a routine for them, and try your best to maintain it; of course, providing breaks, as needed.

2. Safety first

Be mindful of safety protocols that are in place in your student’s building as a result of COVID-19. Remind them to mask up, wash their hands frequently and maintain social distancing. If they are not used to wearing their masks for extended periods, encourage them to practice wearing them when they aren’t in the building.

3. Talk about it

With everything going on, anxiety, worry and other emotions are common in students. We encourage our students to always talk about how they are feeling with friends, trusted adults and/or a mental health provider, when needed. If you have any questions/concerns about practices and policies, or if you need assistance in speaking with your student about these tough topics, please reach out to your school administrator.

4. Be patient with yourself

Students have made so many adjustments and changes within such a short amount of time. Allowing time to re-adjust to in-person learning is important. Maintain a schedule, keep a steady rhythm and create stability moving forward. COVID has changed the way we operate within our world, and by supporting our students through these changes, we will equip them for success in the future. For more helpful tips on easing the virtual to in-person learning transition, parents can download the CDC’s Planning for In-Person Classes Checklist.


If you have any concerns, please reach out to your student’s building principal:

Chillicothe Primary School – Joanna Strawser at joanna.strawser@ccsd.us

Chillicothe Intermediate School – Josh Tripp at joshua.tripp@ccsd.us

Chillicothe Middle and High School – Dustin Weaver at dustin.weaver@ccsd.us or Matt Ballentine at matthew.ballentine@ccsd.us


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