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Preparing Online Learners to Return to In-Person Classes

CCSD Staff 2 - 11/30/2020 9:54:00 AM

As we head into a new semester, some students are returning to classes for the first time since last spring. To help students and families prepare for this big adjustment, high school assistant principal, Dustin Weaver, and the district’s director of curriculum and instruction, Alissa Putnam, have offered their advice.

“Returning to school with new COVID policies may be challenging for some students, especially younger ones,” said Putnam. “We recommend ensuring students get to know the new health protocols, including wearing masks, understanding the one-way hallways in the middle and high schools, learning different lunch rules and making sure to socially distance.”

Younger students may need to prepare for this transition by practicing wearing a mask for a long period of time. It is also helpful for students to get back on a schedule, such as waking up early and eating lunch at the same time daily.

Parents can also help students prepare to return to in-person learning by making sure that all outstanding online work has been completed. Middle and high school parents can check on missing assignments through the Missing Assignment Database.

“Former distance learning students returning to in-person learning should also build relationships with their new teachers,” said Weaver. “Communicating with teachers on Google Classrooms and attending weekly virtual meetings will help create and strengthen those connections.”

Teachers will help facilitate the transition through a period of review of first semester concepts at the start of the second semester to support Virtual Learning Academy students in their shift to in-person learning.

For more information, email Dustin Weaver at dustin.weaver@ccsd.us or Alissa Putnam at alissa.putnam@ccsd.us.


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