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Meet CCSD’s New Director of Technology

CCSD Staff 2 - 10/28/2020 11:46:00 AM

We are thrilled to welcome Cory Juillerat to the CCSD family as our new director of technology, although this is not the first time Juillerat has worked for the district. Most recently, he worked for Zane Trace Local Schools, but before that, he worked under Josh Montgomery as the field technician for CCSD. After five years outside the district, he is excited to return to the place his career began.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the students and staff at CCSD again,” said Juillerat. “It’s wonderful to be able to reunite with members of the Cavalier community that I knew years ago and to get to know so many new faces, too.”

In this role, Juillerat will ensure students, staff and community gain the knowledge and tools they need to excel in all areas of technology. One of his biggest goals for this year is to teach people how technology can strengthen learning, teamwork and a sense of togetherness, especially while participating in remote and socially distanced learning.

“Technology is a bigger part of learning than it ever has been before,” said Juillerat. “I have a great chance to help our students and staff understand how to best utilize different forms of technology to enhance this new classroom experience.”

Beyond supporting the CCSD community as we navigate the challenges of this school year, there are two additional projects Juillerat has enjoyed working on. The first is the construction of a giant mechanical bee, which will be on display at Chillicothe Primary School. This animatronic bee is being constructed by students at Southern State Community College and CCSD.

The bee project was started under former CCSD director of technology, Josh Montgomery, and is one of a collection of eight mechanical bees under construction. The remaining seven will be constructed by and housed at the Smithsonian Institute in an exhibit with a large hive.

The other project is the development of a state-of-the-art esports arena inside the Cavalier Athletic Center. The arena, slated to be completed this summer, will be open to high school students enrolled in the esports program. Students will have access to a wide variety of competitive games and computer science courses, helping them build career skills while working competitively as a team.

“While this school year is far from normal, it’s been a wonderful opportunity to bring our students, staff and community together through technology,” said Juillerat.

Cory Juillerat