Creating Positive Classroom Culture at the Primary School

CCSD Staff 2 - 1/28/2020 11:25:00 AM

PAX Good Behavior

The Chillicothe City School District (CCSD) administration is always looking for innovative ways to improve classroom management. Earlier this month, primary school staff received training for the PAX Good Behavior Game, a powerful, evidence-based program that provides teachers with the tools they need to guide students through self-regulation, trauma-informed care, positive social behaviors and social-emotional learning.

“Through PAX, teachers are able to reinforce positive behaviors and reduce negative ones, which empowers students to develop desirable social interactions and self-regulation,” said Joanna Strawser, Chillicothe Primary School principal. “PAX provides teachers with strategies to encourage positive behaviors by setting expectations that are clear and consistent in their classrooms and throughout the building.”

It also teaches staff how to foster a nurturing environment in and out of the classroom that can support the development of children exposed to trauma. The program equips teachers with research-based approaches to support student development, allowing them to have a role in creating peer encouragement to create supportive classroom environments.

“We’ve seen positive changes in our first month,” said Strawser. “The teachers are eager to kick off the program and have started implementing small parts of it in their classrooms. We’ve already observed students being quieter than usual in the hallways and in transitions, which is a wonderful first step.”

Encouraging positive behaviors and leadership is a comprehensive effort within the district, and students participate in numerous programs for self-development. In addition to PAX, staff at the primary school have implemented Respect Awards, which students can earn daily for being respectful to themselves, to others or to the school. They also implemented On the Ball in the Hall, which is an initiative that encourages students to walk through the halls silently and in a single-file line. Classrooms are incentivized to receive On the Ball in the Hall certificates because the more they receive, the more rewards they earn, such as a pajama day.

Students also have monthly Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) goals. Students who don’t receive any disciplinary action for negative behaviors are eligible to participate in dance parties, free ice cream, movie days, roller skating and more.

For more information on PAX, visit or email Joanna Strawser at