CCSD Food Services Team Provides Meals to Families in Need

CCSD Staff 2 - 12/18/2019 11:29:00 AM

winter food boxes

During the winter months, Chillicothe City School District is working diligently to ensure students and their families have access to food. These initiatives include a mobile meals program to guarantee students get a hot meal on snow days and a holiday dinner for lower income families.

Last year the food services team launched the mobile meals program by bringing hot meals to specific drop off locations throughout the district during snow days. While all students have access to two hot, healthy meals during normal school days, the same cannot be said on days when school is canceled. To combat this, Mary Montgomery, director of food services at CCSD, put a plan of action together to ensure all students have access to balanced meals on snow days. With support from her staff, including Tabitha Muse and Sarah Hawthorne, the food services team was able to deliver 352 lunches during a snow day last year.

“This year, we’ve reached out to students and parents and asked them if they need lunch on snow or cold temperature cancelation days,” said Montgomery. “We’re now in the process of mapping out all of the locations and creating drop-off zones for those locations. We will make the lunches at the high school cafeteria and will have volunteers deliver them. Students and families in need can identify us by the #CavsCare decals on our cars.”

Another initiative started by the food services team is an annual Holiday Spirit Dinner, which was held December 10. The event was started by Montgomery in 2016 and involves serving meals to select district families in need. Each building principal invites families to the dinner, which takes place in the high school cafeteria. The event is kept private for families to enjoy a delicious dinner together during the holiday season without having to worry about the financial burden.

Community members can help those in need by volunteering over the holiday season at food pantries and at mobile meal drop-off locations.

“Our community does a great job of helping our students when we ask them to,” says Montgomery. “We’re looking into ways to raise awareness of the gap in food availability at pantries over the Christmas holiday and provide food to our students who need it.”

For food available during this year’s holiday break, please see the below calendar.

winter meals calendar