New Resources to Support Students’ Social and Emotional Needs

CCSD Staff 2 - 11/26/2019 1:25:00 PM

As students develop emotionally, it is important to support their growth and teach them healthy mechanisms for processing. To assist with emotional and social needs, CCSD has implemented tactics in and out of the classroom for students of all ages.

Earlier this month, the district’s behavior specialist Emily Fox started going to kindergarten classrooms to teach students how to self-regulate and discuss their emotions. During these sessions, she introduces students to specific breathing techniques to help them stay calm during times of high emotion. Behavioral staff are also training teachers on ways to support students who have gone through traumatic situations, as it’s a difficult area to navigate without proper training.  

“It’s hard for teachers when they see students whom they care about struggling, but they don’t know the best way to help them,” said Fox. “The behavioral staff are passionate about not only helping the students through out-of-classroom support, but through teaching other CCSD staff about best practices to help them in the classroom as well.”

In other grade levels, the behavioral staff have been implementing lunch groups of five or fewer students. These students get together to talk about their emotions and work on issues in a socially appropriate way.

CCSD is working diligently to provide an environment in which all staff are aligned to provide the proper support for diverse needs.

“Staff at CCSD value and understand the importance of building relationships with every student who walks through our doors, providing a strong foundation for their studies,” said Fox. “Our teachers know the importance of taking the time to build those relationships, enabling students to feel safe and supported in an environment where they can learn and express themselves.”

According to Fox, students who have received support are making strides in self-regulation, forming trusting relationships with adults and effectively communicating their feelings, emotions and struggles in socially appropriate ways. While the district has plans to implement further social and emotional learning opportunities, there have been both small victories and life-changing improvements in this early stage.