Staff Participating in Literacy Training at Ohio State University

CCSD Staff 2 - 10/31/2019 10:03:00 AM

Literacy Graphic

As a district, we’re working hard to take measures to improve our students’ literacy, including investing in professional development for our teaching staff and in proven curriculum programming. This year we have partnered with The Ohio State University’s Literacy Collaborative, a research-based instruction model for literacy training and learning aligned to the Common Core Reading Standards.

The curriculum is specific to grades K-8 and focuses on the essential elements of phonics, word study and oral language development. It also provides students with many opportunities for authentic reading and writing opportunities, and features reading and writing workshops, including guided reading. The model provides our staff with options on how to teach literacy curriculum, because we know every student learns and absorbs information differently.

“The primary school staff is expanding their knowledge of the components of a balanced literacy program,” said primary school principal Joanna Strawser. “The first component we’re working on is interactive read-alouds, during which teachers read a story to their class and ask the students four specific questions as they read. The teachers ask what the students are thinking, noticing, feeling and wondering. We hope the interactive read-alouds will develop a joy of reading.”

The Chillicothe City Schools’ K-3 teachers and all school principals are participating in intensive Literacy Collaborative professional development throughout the school year. Teachers will immediately begin to implement strategies they are taught, in order to increase students’ reading, writing and language skills. Our goal is for students to read on grade level by the end of this school year.

To learn more about the Literacy Collaborative, contact Joanna Strawser at