CHS Spring Next Generation Assessment Schedule: April 25-27

CHS Spring Next Generation Assessment Schedule:  April 25-27
Attention CHS Parents/Guardians and Students: At CHS, the month of April brings some adjustments to our school schedule for three (3) school days: this is due to state testing. 
The Next Generation Assessments (the new state graduation test for students in the Class of 2018 and beyond), require schedule adaptations and we will operate on a late arrival schedule for students not required to take the Next Generation assessments for three (3) days, this month.  The bus schedule will run per usual.  Any student not testing can still ride the bus or be dropped off at normal time to be housed in the CHS Main Gym for a study hall prior to school starting at 10:00 am.  For students not taking the tests on the dates listed below, CHS opens at 10:00 am and Homeroom/1st Period begins at 10:10 am.
In most circumstances, Juniors and Seniors won’t take Next Generation Assessments, as they are still required to pass the OGT for graduation; thus they will come late to school each day we are assessing for Next Generation Assessments. There are exceptions to this rule regarding who takes the Social Studies tests: if your student is a junior or senior in American History or American Government, they will have to attend during the testing on Tuesday, April 26th.  
Freshman and Sophomores will only test in subjects they are taking this semester, or for tests they may have previously failed (scored a 1 or 2) and thus must retake to achieve minimum point totals.
The bell schedule for these three (3) 2 1/2 hour delay days will be as follows:
Building Opening Bell: 10:00 am
· Homeroom (1st period): 10:10-10:15 am
· 1st Period (Monday), 2nd Period (Tuesday), 3rd Period (Wednesday): 10:20-11:15 am (55 min.)
· 4th Period (33 min): 11:20-11:53 am
· 5th Period (33 min): 11:53 am-12:26 pm
· 6th Period (34 min): 12:26-1:00 pm
· 7th Period (70 min): 1:05-2:15 pm
Here are copies of the two notifications you will receive via mail.

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