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Chillicothe Digital Academy

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The Chillicothe Digital Academy exists to promote academic success and overall wellness of our individual students K-12, utilizing online and hybrid educational models.


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Enrollment is open NOW for the 2021-2022 school year for the Chillicothe Digital Academy!

Please visit https://forms.gle/Kh2wrW1zVT5uBzj19 for the Enrollment Form!


The last day for student work submission will be Friday, May 14th, UNLESS you have been approved for a VLA Summer Extension!


Chromebook Returns for Chillicothe Digital Academy students will be on the following dates/times. Please bring your Chromebook and charger to Mount Logan Learning Center, rear/parking lot door.


Monday, May 17 = 10am - 12 pm

Tuesday, May 18 = 9:30 am - 11 am

Wednesday, May 19 = 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Thursday, May 20 = 10 am - 12 pm


Attendance --> Please remember: Daily Login for VLA is REQUIRED to be counted as present for that school day! If you are absent, please email your teacher with documented excuse(s).

2020 Academic Year



Lunches --> Interested in our FREE weekly breakfast/lunch pick up, please complete the

online form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeM2hTxtvl5KhtJeTnaVlSEFyvPGz3QfJvUAKy368lTnX6J3A/viewform. You can also reach out to Mary Montgomery, Food Services Director, by email at mm.cafeteria@ccsd.us for more information or questions.

Internet Access --> Are you struggling with internet connection/wifi access? Please email Sarah Hawthorne (sarah.hawthorne@ccsd.us) for possible resources!




Chillicothe Digital Academy



Chillicothe Digital Academy, K-6, is facilitated by a specific staff of teachers, intervention specialists, support staff, and administrators from the Mount Logan Building.




We had a great time visiting with our students and families at our K-6 Chillicothe Digital Academy Supply Drive Thru!




Chillicothe Digital Academy



Chillicothe Digital Academy, 7-12, is facilitated by our in-building staff of teachers, intervention specialists, support staff, and administrators from the      CMS/CHS Complex.


7-12 Online Students --> Please be sure to check your email for Invites to Google Classroom for your core subject courses!

*Reminder == these are SUPPLEMENT to your VLA courses; not required but amazing resources! 


Be sure to use your school counselor as your resource!!! https://www.chillicothe.k12.oh.us/1/Content2/school-counseling-department


7-12 Google Classroom Access Codes!

Remember: GC is used to SUPPLEMENT your required VLA coursework! Speak with your teacher about open office hours and other times where you can receive tutoring or assistance!


English Language Arts:

7th grade ELA (Mrs. Arredondo) - ykoj6uk

8th grade ELA (Mrs. Early) - lh2miwg

English LA I (Mr. Strong) - Dswmvk6

English LA II (Mrs. Blanton) -

English LA III (Mrs. Baird) - ubqlmhe

English LA IV (Mrs. Baird) - wcb55qn



7th Grade Math (Mrs. Strawser) - uc5izgd

8th grade Math (Mr. Johnson) - 65v2d7z

Intervention Math and Algebra II (Mr. Richardson) - my7wlx6

Geometry (Mrs. Clark) - nuxmo5x

Algebra I (Mr. Constable) -

Transition to College Math (Mrs. Nicely) - q5tjxcc

Advanced Math (Mrs. Nicely) - yvmuk7g



7th grade Science (Mr. Gilsdorf) - ljc3p74

8th grade Science (Mr. Queen) - pfy2zth

Chemistry (Mrs. Frye) - 5wvwtzv

Environmental Science (Mrs. Frye) - 4dgfelg

Physical Science (Mrs. Frye) - 6kwyiks

Biology (Mrs. Carter) - qdc6g65


Social Studies: 

7th grade Social Studies (Mr. Williamson) - trsynbg

Citizenship & US History (Mr. Keirns) - zmovu2j

World History (Mr. Keirns) - a4q5tm5

World History (Mr. Hamman) - xffkd5j

World History (Mr. Batson) - vmsz3sr

World History (Mr. McCorkle) - c33lvll

Psychology (Mr. Batson) - gea6fhx

Government (Mr. McCorkle) - 3w6276d

Government/Economics (Mr. Batson) - esq43d4





Online Parent/Family Resources:



Need a Chromebook? Have a Chromebook Repair?

Please contact our Mrs. Holly Siberell at 740-773-2638, ext. 16703, or by email at holly.siberell@ccsd.us. 



Google Classroom Parent Guide




If you are interested in enrollment in our Chillicothe Digital Academy or have questions/concerns, please contact our Online Learning Coordinator, Sarah Hawthorne at sarah.hawthorne@ccsd.us or by phone at 740-702-2287, ext. 16296.


We look forward to hearing from you!