CMS Works to improve Literacy in Nigeria

Student Council president, Sophie Fulkerson and vice president, Caroline Ford introduced Mrs. Shola Betty Adebuga who spoke to the entire CMS student body about her mission to create a public library in a small village in Nigeria.  Students learned that many Nigerian students do not have access to books.  Most students have to walk at least 5 miles to school, do not receive a lunch while there, and have to sit on the floor because they do not have desks.  Mrs. Adebuga reminded CMS students how lucky they are to receive a free public education, reminded them of the many resources and opportunities they have in America, and thanked them on behalf of the children in Nigeria for the 4,400 books that were donated by CMS.  

Mrs. Adebuga also visited students in Mrs. Clark's class where they had an opportunity to learn how students and schools differ in Nigeria.  They learned that students must abide by a very strict dress code which includes how students are to wear their hair.  At the beginning of each day students are checked to make sure they have clean finger nails, clothes, and shoes.  Students must stand and say good morning as their teacher enters the classroom.  

Students enjoyed interacting with Mrs. Adebuga and learning about students in other parts of the world.  They also felt good knowing that they were making a difference in the lives of others.  Great job CMS Cavaliers!

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