Community Events / Info

Welcome to the Community Events/Information page of the district website.

The Chillicothe City Schools values the opportunities that our community offers to our students and families to enhance their intellectual, physical, personal, and social development. 

The district provides a forum in which non-profit and local organizations can post electronic flyers on the district website, providing the organization’s purpose and intent complements the educational mission of the Chillicothe City Schools. As well, the district recognizes the value in providing information to our families and students in a specific, defined, and cost, time, and environmentally efficient manner.   

The district will review and approve requests to distribute information to our students.  Posting of event information on the district website does not indicate endorsement or sponsorship by the Chillicothe City Schools.  To ensure the appropriateness of the material, the district may request the material be edited and we reserve the right to not post a flyer.

How do I submit a flyer for approval?

To submit your flyer for approval, please email your name, contact information, and the actual flyer in PDF format that you would like posted to  The following disclaimer must be displayed on the submitted flyer: This activity is not sponsored by the Chillicothe City Schools.

The flyer, when approved, will be posted with a short description and PDF attachment to the district website under the Community tab and will remain on the website until the event expires.